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LETTER OF CONSENT TO TRAVEL I Provide my consent for my child ren Name of Parent Name of Child to travel with to Name s of Adult Travel Companion s From Country or Countries Date List specific travel information in the space below such as airline flight number cruise line and ship or tour operator. Parent Signature Print Name Contact Number Address City Signature of Notary State Zip Code Print Name of Notary Notary Seal Print Form.
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[intro music] Hi everyone, and happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you. Just wanted to take the time to wish you and your family all the best this holiday season and to remind you, during holiday times, people tend to travel more. If you have a parent or a grandparent, or anyone else who's traveling with your child, and both parents aren't gonna be there, it's a really good idea, if you're crossing borders, to have a consent letter. This letter will give the spouse or the person who's traveling with your child permission to cross the border with them and, sometimes more important, come back into Canada. It will also give them, if done right, the emergency, uh, medical authorization to make medical decisions in case something happens on the trip. Again, have a great Thanksgiving time and happy holidays and enjoy yourself. Be careful while you're out and away from home. [music out]